1. Choose which type of test you wish to generate. This tool allows you to generate a fact family mastery test, (e.g. "Make Ten" which will generate a test with all "addition problems that sum to ten") or an individual fact test (e.g. 2+6 which will generate a test that emphasizes the 2+6 fact as well as including earlier facts). Thirty practice questions will be automatically generated.

    If you need more customization, click the "Customizable Test" tab to select only the facts you wish to incldue.

    • Fact Family Mastery Test
    • Individual Math Fact Test
    • Customizable Test
    Check the box next to the addition fact familes to include:

    Count on, ,


About the Addition Timed Test Generator

Addition and substraction facts can be though of as the sight words of math; knowing them makes learning more complex mathematical concepts easier. The Addition Time Test Generator generates test sheets of thirty problems that can be used to show proficiency with a fact family or individual fact.

To get started, choose your paramaters from the above menu. Thirty problems will be automatically generated for testing that indiviual fact or that fact families. When an individual fact is selected, the generator creates a test that emphasize that indivual fact and also includes earlier facts. When a fact family checkbox is checked, the generate creates a test where all thirty questions belong to that fact family. If you select a set of fact families, all thirty questions will belong to at least one of those fact families.

Once a test is created, print this page and give it to your little test taker. The test should take under a minute to complete. If the test takes longer, your test taker may need more practice with the individual fact or fact family.

Refresh the page, or click the "Generate New Test" button for a new set of random problems.

Common Tests to Generate

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