Business Details

Businesses that are "Goods" oriented produce something to be consumed by customers. There are often manufacturing costs associated with production of the goods, which can reduce revenue.

"Services" provide service to customers. Revenue is often bound by the amount of labor capable to preform each service.

"Media" companies have costs associated with production, but generally don't have to scale those costs the same way "Goods" businesses do as they acquire more customers.

Averages should be monthly.

Scaling Projections

Current Revenue: $0 Projected Revenue:$0

FieldScaling FactorPercentage ChangeNew Value
Yearly Fixed Costs
Ave. Manufacturing Per Unit Cost
Ave. Sale Price Per Unit
Ave. Manufacturing Time Per Unit
Ave. Monthly Number of Units Sold

Formula: Ave_Monthly_Number_of_Units_Sold × (Ave_Sale_Price_Per_Unit - Ave_Manufacturing_Per_Unit_Cost) × 12 - Yearly_Fixed_Costs

With the Limit:
  • Ave_Monthly_Number_of_Units_Sold ≤ 365 × 24 × 60 × 60 / (Ave_Manufacturing_Time_Per_Unit × 12)

About the Business Scale-Up

Thinking about turning a hobby into a business? Dabbling with an etsy store front, or making a little side money as a amateur photographer and thinking about "going pro"? Figure out how you need to grow your business in order to reach your profitability goals and reach the next level.

Select the type of business you're in, enter the parameters and give the sliders a try. The Business Scale-Up can show you how lowering your fixed costs, adjusting your sale price or increasing your client base can each affect your bottom line. You can then focus your energy on the variable with the most potential, helping you reach your profitability goals sooner.

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