About the [blog] Image Scraper

The image scraper finds all images on a webpage, and displays them in an easy to access grid form. Use the image scrapper in conjunction with a reverse image search engine to find websites that might be using your images.

The scrapper was originally designed for blogs, but can work on other websites as well. To use the scraper, enter a URL in the above text field. All non-icon sized images found on that URL will be displayed via inline linking. No image will be stored on the server, nor cached temporarily.

Concerned about image theft? Click on an image to go to the reverse image google search page for that image. From there you can see what other URLs the image may also be displayed on.

This script is a proxy service and not affiliated with Google in any way. It is designed to be a light weight tool, and not a general copyright infringement tool. We make no guarantees that this utility tool can be used to find all duplicate images. If you need something more substantial, I recommend a service like Google also provides a Reverse Image Search plugin for Chrome if you want to bypass this script.

This app is not intended to be a work around on websites that attempt to protect their copyrights by obscuring URLs or embedding images.

This script uses Absolute URL and redirects you to Google's reverse image search.