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The circle reflects a range of possible BMIs that can correspond with your weight over a given period of time. For some, weight may fluctuate as much as 5 or 6 lbs a day.

About the Interactive BMI Chart

BMI is an abbreviation Body mass index, a measure of weight relative to height. It's often used as a general rule-of-thumb for determining if someone is over or underweight. BMI is not a measure of health and is not applicable in all situations. For one thing, it does not differentiate between weight from muscle and weight from fat. BMI is not a meaningful measure for pregnant women, athletes and body builders. Additionally, the category distinctions are meant for adults, not children. Please consult your medical professional to find out if BMI is a meaningful measure for you.

I wrote this tool for two reasons.
- Most tools out there are discrete, rounding you to the nearest inch (or sometimes centimeter). As someone who is short, I feel those partial inches mater!
- Weight fluctuates. Rather than looking at BMI as a point value, I wanted to see a bubble representing the range I weigh in a given day. This was particularly important to me when I was near category boundaries. When I was losing weight I found it motivational to see the bubble approach the category boundary, overlap it, and move past it.