Savings Goal:

: Many people find it easier to set a little aside from their paycheck, rather than look for money from their checking account. If this is you, set the saving schedule to the same schedule as your paycheck.
: For those who find saving difficult, it might be easier starting out small and building up (Gradual - Back Loaded.) For those who are highly motivated yet may anticipate difficulties following through, starting out aggressive and tapering back (Accelerated - Front Loaded) might be a more successful approach.
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About the Personalized Savings Motivator

Stay on track with your savings goals. The Personalized Savings Motivator can create a saving plan that works for you, whether you need a little extra time to ramp up and meet your savings goals, or find starting easier than continued savings over time.

Sometimes it's best to start small. Clearing small hurdles can make it psychologically easier to tackle bigger ones. If you're having troubles getting started and meeting your savings goals, choose the "Gradual (Back Loaded)" option. The savings motivator will then create a plan of gradually increasing weekly or monthly amounts to save, setting the bar low and incrementally increasing it so you can reach your savings goals.

Or maybe you find starting easy and the follow through harder. It can be difficult to deprive yourself for a prolonged period of time. In this case, choose the "Accelerated (Front Loaded)" option. The savings motivator will then create a savings plan the weekly or monthly savings goals are gradually decreasing, making it easier to stick with the savings plan so you can reach your savings goals.