How well do you know your primes?
Let's find out!
Be warned: Three wrong guess and it's game over!
Round Time: 0 Total Time: 0


About the Prime, Not Prime

Prime numbers are the building blocks of the number system, which special properties needed for encryption. Primes are positive, whole numbers greater than one that cannot be divided evenly by any other whole number. How well do you know your primes? Play Prime not Prime to test your inner math nerd.

Each round you'll be presented with a new randomly generated number. Choose whether that number is 'Prime' Or 'Not Prime' by clicking on the corresponding text button. Each iteration will get progressively harder, as the window to draw numbers from gets larger and larger. To keep the game interesting a prime number is drawn with roughly ~30% probability. After three incorrect guesses the game ends. How long can you last?

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